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From employee to successful entrepreneur is a story of destiny, of how you can find your own path. It is a story of taking risks, discovering your own strengths and increasing the probability of becoming a success.

Dan lives from paycheck to paycheck but knows that he wants more for his job and life. One day he is faced with a choice at work. The choice is only the start of a life changing journey, one of numerous challenges, one being the lack of knowledge and money to start his own business.

The book is packed with useful information for all entrepreneurs and is the brainchild of the top-selling author of The Billionaire Mindset, Daniel Strauss. In The Billionaire Career Strauss reveals the secrets of creating wealth, knowing yourself, giving back, having a plan and implementing sustainable systems.

“… ‘I just feel like I’ve been focusing on all the wrong things until now. An entire career as accountant – a process- and compliance-driven profession built on accuracy. Now I’m being told  that’s not my strong point,’ Dan said. He was tired; it had been a long day.” -Page 100, The Billionaire Career-

Freedom and control, aspiring to start your own business? Find the advice you need from The Billionaire Career. 

Book News is made possible by NB Publishers and the title is also available in Afrikaans: Werk soos ’n miljardêr!

The Billionaire Career – ISBN: 9780624092766 / Dink soos ’n miljardêr – ISBN: 9780624090342

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