Overberg – Destination without limits: visiting L’Agulhas

That is how the ‘Overberg Activity Map’ describes the region. Travellers’ are met with a scenic route, rich with history and once-in-a-lifetime activities. A memorable experience awaits you in the beautiful Overberg region.

We drove the 170km southeast from Cape Town to the most Southern tip of Africa, straight to where two oceans meet at the foot of the African continent. Looking at the spot on the map and knowing that this is exactly where you are at that precise moment, is only part of the experience. Along a walkway a shipwreck can be seen and climbing the stairs of the iconic lighthouse allows for a breath-taking view. Activities like birdwatching, swimming and hiking ads to the charm of Agulhas. Visitors also enjoy the local fynbos plants and visiting arts and crafts shops. Some of the best local fish restaurants can be found here and yellowtail (better known as geelstert) is a very popular, and tasty, fish meal to enjoy.

The name ‘Agulhas’, Portuguese for ‘needles’, is said to have been given to the cape because the compass-needle was seen to point north, that is, with no magnetic deviation.

Visitors are spoilt for choice when choosing accommodation. From cottages to houses, guest houses and bed-and-breakfast options, this popular holiday resort town has something for any visitor’s taste and budget.

Ideally situated, on the top of the hill, L’Agulhas Heights, in High Level Street, three bright white restored fisherman cottages await to welcome you.  You will feel right at home when you open the door and a clean, friendly-looking cottage greets you. The cottages are simple, yet sufficiently furnished and equipped. You will not lack anything. Although now modernly restored, staying in a fisherman’s cottage was a memorable experience. To know that this was in fact a fisherman’s family home, left a feeling of respect for the way they lived, without the luxuries we know today.

I could easily imagine myself, many years ago living in history, a time before modern luxuries and tar roads, looking out onto the sea and seeing the fishing boats returning from a trip. People rushing off the meet them, kids excited for dad’s return, buyers standing by and moms knowing very well what will be on the menu tonight.

The view from the cottage is breath-taking, the lighthouse close enough for the light to play in the windows of the cottages at night. It is said that every lighthouse in the world has its own rotating optic timing, so ships will know where they are. The lighthouse in Agulhas has a focal plane of 31 meters above height water, with a light power of 7 500 000 CD with a revolving electric light flashing every 5 seconds.

Dinner was a treat, geelstert of course, prepared on an open fire to perfection, a dinner known to the area. The hospitality and friendliness of the locals stood out throughout our trip. The locals make talking easy, their welcome exceeds the warm smiles they so easily offer.

Unpack your bags, put the groceries away, open that bottle of wine, sink into the bench on the porch and simply drink it all in. Sundown or sun-up, ‘Agulhas Heights’ will give you the perfect spot for a view only this little holiday destination can offer.  Escape the city and come explore the rocky and sand beaches, enjoy the best fishing grounds in South Africa and appreciate the peaceful town of L’Agulhas. Be prepared to leave hooked on your stay!

Annette Havenga – Happening News ©

*Thank you to Overberg Radio, Rudi de Waal, for spoiling us with a great dinner, thank you to Agulhas Heights for the accommodation and to Cape Bakkie Centre for making our travel possible and keeping us safe on the road. *