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The online based marketing platform – Value, was founded in 2016 by Johannes Swart (BSC Agric). The company’s main objective was to start an online search engine on WhatsApp to get the tools he needed for his farm. The initiative grew into the Value-added concept.

                Value to services or sales

The principles and the core of Value has evolved out of the Jumtree-model and after a makeover in 2022, Value 2022 (Pty) Ltd leads with the concept to add value to agricultural business, whether it is a sale or a service.

Value primarily focuses on farming implements and everything that goes hand in hand with farming. Local South African farmers are constantly upgrading their farming implements, resulting in a constant flow of farming implements. This provides for a healthy client base ensuring a good and quality stock sheet.

                Auction made easy with Value

After a possible client shows interest in a product, one of the professional five Value staff members will arrange a viewing and mechanical report to validate the client’s purchase. Value also offers transport on request.

                Ensuring customer service

Rebecca goes on to say that they are branching out to a sister company that will create even more value in the South African agricultural market by importing excellent quality secondhand farming implements.

“At Value we strive to give our clients the best customer service by accompanying our clients to our viewings making sure that they receive the best quality implement.”

 -Rebecca Scholtz Value Marketing and Sales-

             Contact or visit for more information +27 76 046 7776

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