Review: Recipes for Love and Murder

With ‘Recipes for Love and Murder’ being hot news on M-Net’s ‘African Mystery Originals’, taking a closer look at the novel just seems like the right time. Sally Andrew’s first novel was a run-away success. Will the series live up to it?

            The story

A small Karoo town, with secrets and mysteries, is home to recipe columnist, Tannie Maria. Tannie Maria is a fifty-something widow with secrets of her own. She becomes entangled in the investigation of a woman murdered in her area. A woman, who wrote to her for advice about her abusive husband. With colleague and rookie journalist, Jesse September, the two set off to find the killer. Much to the irritation of the local police and, of course, the killer.

They round up some unlikely suspects, just to get back onto the trail of a new suspect.

It’s quirky, funny, dramatic, sweet and with some really intense moments. Oh, and the recipes, well … it’s to die for.

                        “I don’t believe in sleeping in the day” ‘I said to my tea’ – Tannie Maria

            The recipes

Tannie Maria believes that there is a recipe for everything and she cooks to make others, and herself, feel better, think clearly and calm her nerves. Between the recipes, cooking, writing and police work, Tannie Maria experiences more than she signed up for.

The recipes are to die for, no pun intended, and will have you grabbing the measuring spoons.  Just like the story, the recipes are full of twists and turns.

            The series

Recipes for Love and Murder kicked off as a 10-part M-Net series on 20 March 2022.  Missed it? Good news, the series is available on Catch-Up. With cast members like Maria Doyle Kennedy, Arno Greeff, Jennifer Steyn, Tony Kgoroge and Daneel van der Walt, this is one you should catch-up on.

Let’s see what I can whip up from Tannie Maria’s recipes! She might just be right, it seems like there truly is a recipe to solve every crisis in life.

Dear Tannie Maria – Thank you so much, you have really helped me. The recipe trick worked! – Recipes for Love and Murder –



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