Rife, CBD and the holistic approach to the big C:

October is cancer awareness month and with the COVID-19 pandemic not taking the front stage in health discussions anymore, we once again look at this life threating disease

In South-Africa alone the cancer stats as per the WHO shows that cancer is the biggest health risk in both males and females. We have seen an increase in the number of children from as young as 2-years being diagnosed with all stages of cancer.

With the available data, it is estimated that in 2020, almost 110 000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in South Africa with more than 56 000 cancer-related deaths, representing a quarter of premature noncommunicable disease-related mortality.

                WHAT IS CANCER?

Cancer is a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. It belongs to a group of more than 100 different diseases and it can develop almost anywhere in the body. Cancer can cause discomfort and pain, but not all cancer diagnosis results in death. Early detection and treatment might save your life.

Cancer can cause many symptoms, but these symptoms are most often caused by illness, injury, benign tumors or other problems. Bladder or bowel changes and bleeding/bruising for no reason can be symptoms of an onset of cancer. Some patients experience eating problems and a cough or hoarseness that does not want to go away. More often patients experience severe and lasting fatigue.


The Little Green uses a Body sonic MRA scan or known as a Quantium scanner to assist in recognizing ‘sick cells’ in the body. Linda van Rooyen, says that, although the scan cannot detect cancer, it does indicate that there might be: “…something seriously and drastically wrong.”

The next procedure will then be to refer the patient to a medical practitioner for further and detailed testing.


The most common treatments are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Other options include targeted therapy, immunotherapy, laser, hormonal therapy and others. Surgery is a common treatment for many types of cancer.


The Little Green store in Cape Town are firm believers that CBD- and holistic treatments can be highly beneficial in the treatment and management of cancer symptoms. Owner and founder Deléne van Wyk says they work with healthcare practitioners when it comes to using CBD oils to assist in treatment.

Our bodies have a cannabinoid system, but our cannabinoid systems have been starving due to the illegal status this medical plant has been burdened with for many years. Our daily diet does not allow enough to re-fuel our cannabinoid system. Feeding your systems and re-fueling your cannabinoid system helps to kickstart your body’s own defense system.

“The oils only support medical treatments. You are basically fueling your body with veggies and spices that can help fight cancer.” -Deléne-

Deléne goes on to explain that when looking to use cannabis as for cancer treatment, it is advisable to look for a full-spectrum oil. This means a product, oil, containing all the elements of the plant. CBD on its own has benefits, but does not contain the cell-fighting component needed to aggressively attack the cancer cells.

“Studies have shown that the THC-components in the cannabis oil is the component that attacks the cancer cells and gives it one hell of a fight.” -Deléne-      

Linda van Rooyen en Délene van Wyk

CBD oil helps with cell healing, it fights inflammation and helps treat symptoms related to the cancer and the cancer treatment like pain, nausea and sleeping problems.

“The oil should be taken at night with bedtime. It promotes better sleep and helps the body to reach the five stages of sleep the body needs to recover and rejuvenate itself.” -Deléne-

The Rife-treatment is a popular and well know holistic treatment to assist in helping the body build new and healthy cells, thus helping the body fight cancer. As a cancer fighter herself, Linda says the Rife-treatment is an important part of her cancer treatment. Cancer grabs on to the healthy cell like a parasite and creates a third membrane on the healthy cell. The Rife treatment creates just enough vibration to stimulate the healthy cell to shake of this cancerous third membrane.

“What I have experienced is that the Rife treatment helps the body in re-cooperating and helps to create new and healthy cells.” -Linda-

The Little Green does not advice patients against medical advice and treatment, but does offer an added treatment program to assist and aid the medical treatments and the body’s own natural process.

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