Sani-wipes have been available in most South African retail stores for well over 18-years. Sani-touch has been hard at work during the past few years to create a circular economy for their wipes.
We spoke to Anette Devenish, Marketing Director from Sani-touch about their green wipes seen at the front of retail stores throughout South Africa.

What makes Sani-touch trolley wipes different?
These trolley wipes are available in both biodegradable or recyclable material. “We don’t just say recyclable, we invest in the recycle system.”
Sani-touch has changed the colour of their wipes to a distinctive green colour in 2021 .Anette says this is for easy identification by the recyclers to: “… ensure that as much as possible of the wipes get recycled and repurposed into useful items.”

How can these new green sani-wipes have a positive influence on the environment?
The aim for Sani-touch was to prevent their wipes from landing in a landfill, but rather to encourage recycling. Anette proudly goes on to say that their wipes are currently being repurposed into plastic jungle gyms, outdoor furniture, plastic pallets to replace wooden pallets, coat hangers and even bird feeders.
“We are educating and encouraging recycling and repurposing through our wipe recycling program which is creating a demand for products made from recycled plastics.”
Anette goes on to say that the demand is encouraging for the recycling of other plastics that can be combined with wipes in the recycle and repurposed process. “So, by encouraging the recycling of the wipes we are drawing attention to the bigger picture.”
At Sani-touch they know that their small trickle and lead to a river that can help to save the environment. In South Africa only 16% of plastic is recycled. The rest of the plastic ends up at landfill locations. The reality is that, due to wind, littering, overflowing landfills and improper waste management, these still end up in rivers and eventually, in the ocean. Sadly 8 million metric tons of discarded plastic end up in the ocean.

What are the future plans for recycling?
Sani-touch is working with retailers to assist in training of staff responsible for collection of the wipes and wipe materials. Anette says that is important to work with the retail groups to find the right waste management and recycling system that fits in with their store and their way of doing things. This will help to encourage the stores to recycle.
“We as manufacturers we need to make sure that our products are made with end of use in mind so that our products are easy and fit for the recycling process. Which is exactly what we have tried to do by making our whole wipe offering out of one type of plastic only, from the container to the labels to the

Sani-touch has found huge success in encouraging businesses to buy and use products made from recycled material. “… creating a pull through and demand, closing the circular economy and creating jobs as well as creating awareness for the need and use of recycled products such as our green sani-wipes.”

Green is the colour
Look for the green wipes with the green catch. You can use them with confidence.
“… knowing they are protecting you and by you throwing them away in the bin provided you are not only helping the environment but you are creating jobs too.”

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