Visit to an Optometrist

How much thought do you put into your optometrist visit? When choosing an optometrist let your choice be determined by, not only the quality and affordability of the products, but also the back-up and after service.

When you make Spectacle World at the N1 Value Centre your choice, you can be assured of a pleasant and professional visit and experience. Be prepared to feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. This is where your unique individuality is celebrated.

I spoke to CEO Adele Camarena about eye care, specs and this 28-year old practice. The practice opened in 1993 in the N1 Value Centre and is proud to still be standing right there, offering you the quality and service you deserve.

Here their focus is on good optics. They want you to feel good wearing your specs, so much so that you actually wánt to wear them. Adele agrees that they should be an accessory rather than a necessity. Have fun with your frame, have more than one, be conservative or modern, you can have it all at Spectacle World.

Every one of the nine team members is qualified to perform an eyewear styling evaluation. Step into the styling room where this unique service is performed. You will be guided to make an informed decision regarding your frame, taking your personality, style, colour tone and affordability into consideration. Well, you might even be able to use it in future in your clothing choices.

Adele speaks with passion about their vision – “…to help people see better.” –Adele-

A wide range of frames, sunglasses, contact lenses and care products is offered. The staff is quick to throw in a word or two of advice in taking care of your eyes and your specs. Bookings can be made on-line and there are several packages to suit everyone. Although assembled on site, the products are all imported.

Adele, like the rest of her team, has a passion for eyes, people and … specs. Both Adele and brand Ambassador Marinda Engelbrecht, owns more than one pair. Marinda popped in during my visit and it was clear to see that choosing a new frame brings joy and excitement to her and the Spectacle World team.

Giving back and spreading “the gift of vision” is high on their priority list and Adele has a trick or two up her sleeve to make this gift accessible to more people. Watch this space for more about these exiting programs.

Everyone should be able to see. – Adele-

Do you want to be part of spreading the gift of vision? Consider donating your old frames for re-use in charity projects. Send an e-mail to: or contact 072 085 7922.

Spectacle World: Shop nr. 50/51, N1 Value Centre, Solly Smiedt St, Goodwood, Cape Town, 7460 021 595 3410 or 074 434 8873 or


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